Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Sowilo
Norse (Viking): Sol, Sowulo, Sunna
Old English: Sigil, Sigel
Other Names/Spellings: Saugil, Sighel, Sigo, Sil, Sowela, Sowilu, Sowelu, Solwulo, Sugil, Sulhil, Sulu, Sygel


English Letter Equivalent
Soft C as in NICE, S as in SIT.

The Sun

Discovery. Disclosure. Wholeness. Light, energy.

The spirit of life, the energy of the sun. Completeness. Spiritual awareness. Boundless energy, strength of character. The capacity to learn, the gift of understanding. Good health and fitness.

Although Sowilo is well known as a victory symbol, it can also be used as a force of attack. It is a positive force, because it is the natural power of the sun. Spiritually, Sowilo symbolizes clear vision, and the victories of light over darkness, good over evil. It admonishes one to use the powers of good to vanquish evil.

Personal Interpretation
You have the power to bring things to fruition. Good fortune awaits you and there is a positive feel to everything. This is not a time to rest and relax, but to examine the darker aspects of your nature. The power of the sun will enable you to face them without fear and to overcome them. Seek solutions to problems, they are all within your grasp.

Sowilo has no reverse.

Eclipse of light or energy. Hidden information. Misunderstanding. Health worries are unfounded.

Runic Number




Associated gods

Astrological Correspondence
The Sun, Strength

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