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Winterfylleth, known as neo-pagan Wicca-inspired traditions blood Moon (hunter’s moon/blood moon), is the name of the ancient Anglo-Saxon month of October.

History and origins of the name

Wikka tradition appointing this Moon or blood Moon esbat, “” inspired by “hunting” of skin-Red Moon, introduced in 1800 in the American agricultural system through the cultural influences between the American colonists and the skin-red/Canadian. Native Americans nomirano this Moon “hunter moon”, thanks to the special time of year, where nature did not offer more fruits and needed to hunt, to prepare winter stocks; It is likely then that the attribute “blood moon was sucessvio in connection with the blood shed by the hunting and the typical color of autumn leaves.

European origins

In the old European tradition instead, Winterfylleth represents the full moon that falls in the month of October, and foretells the coming of winter, as handed down by the Venerable Beda in his Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum.


“Antiqui Anglorum populi […] annum totum in duo tempora, hiemis et aestatis dispertiebant, sex menses […] aestati tribuendo, sex reliquos hiemi; unde et mensem, quo hiemalia tempora incipiebant, Wintirfylliþ appellabant, composite nomine ab hieme et plenilunio, quia videlicet a plenilunio ejusdem mensis hiems sortiretur initium […] Wintirfylliþ potest dici compositio novo nomine hiemi pleniuni.”

(Old English peoples divided the year into two seasons, summer and winter, placing six monthsduring which the days are longer the nightsin the summer, and the other six in winter. They called the month when winter season has started Wintirfyl, a word composed of “winter” and full moon, because the winter has begun the first full moon of the month)


There are minor historical sources that Winterfylleth, would represent the first night of winter (winther night), and proceeds from the first new moon of October. Some historians would justify this dissonance of date to a possible expansion of Germanic strains she in Iceland, located in a region that would anticipate approximately 15 days the arrival of winter than England.

Relations with Halloween and Samhain?

Despite searches it seems that Winterfylleth (mainly Germanic origin) do not have any type of relationship with the halloween holidays, imported by the Irish tradition.

According to studies in fact Winterfylleth, is a party where you would thank for harvest received during the summer season (the ancient name of autumn harvest origin (hærfest) and terminated this would start the winter season. Despite this difference in shape, in modern times, some groups Asatru would match the Dísablót with moon to Winterfylleth, or they would celebrate the Moon Recalling the spirits of the dead in this night.


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