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the Magician tarot card Meaning

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introduction to

the Magician Tarot Card Meaning

the Magician Card Description

the card of The Magician is dense with symbolism and esoteric meanings.

The central figure depicts someone with one hand pointing to the sky, while the other points to the ground, traditional symbolism of schools of hermetics.

Very complex symbolism, alchemical in nature reserved for initiates, a synthesis of the processes of “solve et coagula” but also of the emerald table (“…what is below is like what is above and what is above is like what is below to make the miracle of the one thing…).

On his board, the magician also wields all the symbols or seeds of the tarot cards.

This symbolizes the four elements connected by this magician: the four elements are earth, water, air and fire.

The infinity sign on his head indicates the divine essence of the creative process, of man engaged in the process of elevation to divinity (spiritual elevation and communion with the divine, not prevarication or substitution for it)

the Magician
Tarot Card Meanings

This Arcanum represents a person with intelligence and creative ability, who knows how to use the tools at his disposal to accomplish what he sets out to do.

He is master of himself; everything he does is in accordance with his Will.

He does not act at random or guided by instinct; what guides him is Reason, which he uses to plan for the future.

Upright card Meaning

The Magician represents pure willpower.

With the power of the elements he takes the innate potential of the “fool” card and molds it with power and desire.

The magician symbolizes your power to connect heaven and earth, as he brings you to understand the meaning behind the words “as above so below” that is, that the mind and the world are only reflections of each other.

When the Magician comes out in your reading, it may indicate that it is time to tap your full potential without hesitation.

It could be in your new job, a new business venture, a new love or something else new.

the Magician shows you that the time to act is now, and any sign of holding back would mean missing the opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

You have to make choices, and those choices can bring big changes to come.

Harness some of the Wizard’s power to create the world you most desire.

“the Mage” Upright
Tarot Card Meaning in Love

As with its general meaning, the meaning of the Magician’s Tarot in love indicates that things will manifest in your love life.

Skill, creativity, desire and determination will lead you to success in love.

If you are looking for love, the Magician suggests you take action and create opportunities to meet someone you desire.

Since the Magician in the tarot also represents resourcefulness and skill, it is also important that you make sure that no deception or illusions are at work.

Whether you are single or engaged in a relationship, the Magician brings excitement and a desire to experiment.

In your personal relationships this card indicates a phase of intense fascination and strong attraction.

The strength expressed through The Magician can, if used in the right way, help you overcome all forms of obstacles, difficulties and other serious problems.

The Magician expresses to you the security of union and the sustaining forces in the relationship.

If you are thinking about a person with whom you have long wanted to make contact, wait no longer and embark on your new adventure!

“the Magician” Upright
Tarot Card Meaning at Work and Career

Opportunities are likely in your midst, and you may be able to take advantage of them if you take decisive action.

The Magician is the manifestation card, which means that if you have the desire and commitment to pursue whatever you want in your career, you are likely to succeed.

Look over the shoulder of any successful person and you are likely to find intense willpower and drive; this is the root of all ambition.

The same is true if you are trying to start a business; harness that drive and keep it motivated to manifest the career of your dreams.

Sometimes, if this card represents another person, such as a colleague or business partner, you might approach it with caution, as it may not be all it seems.

The Magician however indicates that you are resourceful and realize your potential influence, and advises you to use it purposefully.

Depending on the direction in which you use this energy, you can achieve economic successes, get promotions, or you can bring difficult tasks such as exams or work projects to a successful conclusion.

As a “manager” you can improve the work atmosphere and increase the success of the whole company.

As for negotiations, projects, exams or other problems that you have been putting off until now, the auspicious time has come to face them head-on and you have the opportunity to solve them successfully.

“the Magician” Upright
Tarot Card Meaning at Healt and Whealt
(money & Finance)

You may have more financial opportunities available right now, you will probably just have to pursue them with gusto.

The magician works with many tools to make his will manifest.

Try taking a look at the tools you have at your disposal; they may be the key for you now.

What skills do you have?
What skills are you not practicing right now?
Being creative can help you generate results.

Your strength and good health can shine through again if you have been sick recently or feel drained or without energy.

If your illness or poor health is not improving, you may benefit from trying alternative therapies.

In a health context, the Magician’s Tarot may indicate that an experienced and powerful healer may be needed to give you the healing boost you need.

“The Magician”
Reversed Card Meaning

When you encounter the card of the Magician acapovolta, it could mean that it is time to implement some changes in your life

While facing upward, the Magician represents true power, the Magician on the contrary is a master of illusion.

The magic he performs is made up of deception and illusion.

You might be attracted to the showmanship of his arts, but there might be manipulative or speculative intent behind it.

Meeting this card could mean that there is someone pretending to have your best interests at hand when only the opposite is true.

Consider whether this person is in your circle.

It could also represent your current state of emotions. It may mean that you could become obsessed with power, which could lead to poor and ill-considered decisions that will lead to your eventual downfall.

 “the Magician” Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning in Love

Conversely, the meaning of the Magician’s Tarot in love may signal that not everything may be what it seems.

When it comes to new relationships, you may want to make sure you really know your new lover.

Even if he or she seems perfect, this may be an illusion or performance.

Alternatively, the Magician in love backwards may indicate that your lack of confidence or lack of willpower or inability to manifest your relationships create insecurity when it comes to romance and love.

“the Magician” Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning at Work and Career

Are you really putting all your talents to good use right now?

Are there skills that your current career trajectory is ignoring?

There are probably many opportunities for advancement if you were to really use your true potential.

You may already be feeling it, but you may be too afraid to take the plunge, as it can be a risky move.

You need to take a closer look at what the real risks are and figure out if your fears are really grounded in reality or if they stem from a different source.

Sometimes this card can also indicate that people in your workplace may not be completely honest or may have hidden agendas.

If your instincts tell you this, trust them; be wary of what you share around them.

“the Magician” Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning at Healt and Whealt
(money & Finance)

If your finances are not exactly what you hoped they would be at this time, you may not be doing your best.

You may have energy or talents that are being wasted and you will just have to boost your confidence to put yourself out there.

You may not have the willpower to turn your talents into money.

Remain cautious with others when it comes to sharing details about your financial situation.

In a health context, the Reverse Magician Tarot card is still generally a positive card indicating that you need to believe in your ability to heal to manifest that healing.

However, for mental health problems involving any kind of hallucinations, psychosis or paranoia, the Reverse Magician indicates that you should seek the help of an experienced professional as soon as possible.

Conclusion and keywords

The Magician

* Beginning

* Freedom

* Innocence

* Enthusiasm

* Faith

* Spontaneity

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