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the High Priestess tarot Card Meaing

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the High Priestess Card Description

Most likely you have already met the Papess, but in other forms: she can be seen in the archetypes of Persephone, Artemis, Isis and many others.
When you meet her, you will see her sitting on a cubic stone between the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple, Jachin and Boaz, in an inverted position.
Jachin (right) is generally referred to as the pillar of institution and Boaz (left) is the pillar of strength. The pillars also depict the duality of nature; male (jachin) and female (Boaz), solar and Lunar.

The High Priestess’ position between the two suggests that it is her responsibility to serve as a mediator between the depths of reality.
She is the third pillar (the earth, the human being)-the path in between. She believes that both pillars are equal and that there is knowledge to be learned in both worlds.
She wears the crown of Isis, connection with the monfo of esoteric manifestation.

She carries a book, on which is written “TORA” which can mean law, however the final “T” is concealed , connection to the world of tarot “tarot,” the crescent moon at her feet expresses the emotional, lunar, introspective nature of the card.

the High Priestess
Tarot Card Meanings

This card represents the power of intuition and occult knowledge. Her power comes from the moon and water; her wisdom enables her to see hidden things and predict the future.

The Priestess does not act at the material level, but at the deepest level of the psyche. She is calm and detached, knows how to wait for the right time to act, her inner purity allows her not to be contaminated by negative emotions.

Upright card Meaning

The meaning of the Papess is related to inner knowing. Her appearance in a reading can mean that it is time for you to listen to your intuition rather than prioritizing your intellect and conscious mind. When the High Priestess shows up she may depict an archetype known as the divine feminine-the mysterious female who understands and holds the answers to the deep unknowns; religion, self, nature. She represents someone who is intuitive and beginning to open up to her or her spirituality. Meditation, prayer and new spiritual work is indicated.
The card itself shows a night scene, meaning that the world in which it protects and guards is one that at first glance may seem frightening, but has the potential to guide us in the growth of the self. When it appears in a reading, it is calling you to listen to its message and follow it into your depths. There is the search within you to do for the answers you seek. The answers to the questions you have are inside, not outside.

“the High Priestess” Upright
Tarot Card Meaning in Love

the High Priestess in a love tarot reading can signal almost imperceptible and unconscious changes in one’s emotional state. A calm surface can hide intense emotions, and even seemingly simple dates can turn into raging passions. The High Priestess Tarot’s meaning of love suggests that patience and trust is needed for one’s intuition. Be honest with others and yourself and let what is hidden come to the surface.

In a relationship, the High Priestess shows increasing intimacy and openness. In a love tarot reading, this card signals that honesty is essential to make your relationship as strong as possible.

“the High Priestess” Upright
Tarot Card Meaning at Work and Career

When it comes to your career, the High Priestess may signal a period of education or higher education. You may go back to school for training. If you are in a creative field, this card may also suggest new inspirations going into your work. When making big choices about your career or future plans, the High Priestess also suggests relying on your instincts. There is probably a lot of information that will help you. Sometimes, this card may also signal the appearance of a mentor or guide who can help you progress further in your work.

“the High Priestess” Upright
Tarot Card Meaning at Healt and Whealt
(money & Finance)

Because the Papess is linked to mystery and the unknown, be careful about discussing your finances with others. This card suggests keeping your financial situation hidden. Alternatively, if you are presented with an opportunity to put your finances to use, your intuition will know whether or not this is a good choice. Take time to probe your feelings; if there are red flags, something is not right. Listen to those feelings.

“The High Priestess”
Reversed Card Meaning

When it comes to the Priestess in reverse, it may mean that you are finding it difficult to listen to your intuition. It is time for you to meditate and try a new approach, because right now the rational approach will not work. Something told you to follow your instincts, but you may be ignoring the call. There is a lot of confusion around you, and your actions may seem contrary to what you know is right. You should never be afraid to ask questions of yourself that may illuminate a new path for you that is more authentic to your inner self and your individual values.

 “the High Priestess” Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning in Love

The Papess is the guardian of your intuition, indicating that she can be a powerful indicator that you will have to trust your feelings when it comes to love and romance. Difficulties can develop when you ignore your intuition and follow only your conscious mind. The meaning of High Priestess love can also signal that you must be careful to be truly honest. Avoid acting or saying words simply to please your lover. This leads to nothing but resentment.

“the High Priestess” Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning at Work and Career

You may not have all the information when it comes to your work situation right now. Have people kept you in the dark? Because of this, you may feel lonely and perhaps out of touch with your colleagues. It may also be that when it comes to making career decisions, you are not listening to your intuition. Are you choosing to trust a business partner despite a visceral feeling that he or she does not have the best intentions for you? Are you staying in a job you despise despite your intuition telling you that this is not for you? This card may also suggest a colleague who has hidden agendas; be wary of others. Warm-hearted behavior can hide danger.

“the Magician” Reversed
Tarot Card Meaning at Healt and Whealt
(money & Finance)

Are you about to sign contracts, take out loans, get a mortgage, or invest in something? There may be some details you are missing. The Reverse Priestess in a financial tarot meaning may suggest that you do not have all the information you need to make a correct and educated decision. Make sure you have someone you can trust who can give you all the facts.

Conclusion and keywords

The High Priestess

* Intuition

* Study

* Purity

* Patience

* Knowledge

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