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The Aettir (clan-in the singular aett), are three groups of eight runes that has divided the ancient Runic alphabet of 24 letters. This Division is often cited in academic or esoteric about runes, but rarely was questioned about the significance of this triad, probably because the only mentions the use of numerological interpretation or aettir were referred to the practice of “twig” branch runes runes or “tent runes ‘ tent runes.


However if scrupulously analyzed the Aettir create a deep hierarchy in runic system; and this hierarchy has a deep significance in the magic system-esoteric runes. The Aetter seem to be stuck in a system with 3 degrees and seem to reflect the Division of indo-European tribal society (according to some contemporary enthusiasts).



The three Aettir


Freya Aett


The first is to aett Freyja and represent aspects of the nurse, the mother, the farmer, and the merchant, and contextualized in all those things that make up the worldliness of life and being.


 Heimdall Aett



the second aett is aett of Heimdall, and would represent the clan of warriors.
In this crisis or need in order to perform aett anneal the character of the person.

Tyr Aett



the third aett is Tyr aett, and would represent the head of the clan, the head-war, alluding to a priestly-like function.

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