la runa raido

Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Raido
Norse (Viking): Reid
Old English: Rad
Other Names/Spellings: Radh, Raidha, Raidho, Raidu,
Reda, Reidr, Reidh, Reidthr

Pronunciation: Rye-doh

English Letter Equivalent
R as in red.

Translation: Riding, a vehicle.

A journey, arrival, departure. Union or re-union. Events concerning travel or vehicles.

Travel is indicated. New friends or old friends return. Jobs connected with transport or overseas locations.

Raido can mean wheel, ride, or travel, but it also has a deeper meaning. Riding a horse includes both movement and direction. A journey can be long and arduous, requiring planning, foresight, determination, and fortitude. Raido can therefore refer to the journey of life (the wheel of life), or to a spiritual quest. Raido might also mean transport or communication, such as delivering or receiving a message.

Personal Interpretation
Recognize that everything comes in cycles and that by following them you will progress quickly and efficiently. Align your lifestyle to the seasons and honor the turning of the year. Embrace hard times knowing that the harder it is now, the easier it will get in the future. Everything has its opposite, and challenges bring equal and opposite rewards.

Stagnation, lack of movement or change. Isolation. Mechanical breakdown or failure to arrive. A missed deadline.

Meetings take an unexpected course. A secret mission. Home-based jobs. An enemy disguised as a friend.

Runic Number: 5

Color:  Bright Red

Element: Air

Polarity: Male

Associated gods: Ing, Nerthus

Astrological Correspondence:Sagittarius

gemstone chrysophase

tree oak

plant mugwort


Tarot Talk by Leila Vey
Several Tarot sites associate Raido with the Hierophant, and that works fine because of its link with communication, wise counsel, and spiritual quest (although I seldom see my personal spiritual quest terribly linked with tradition and convention, which are aspects of the Hierophant.)

I personally prefer The Wheel of Fortune for Raido because of its association with natural cycles, movement, progression and growth. The Wheel of Fortune represents both foreseeable, natural changes (really, it is a Wheel of the Year,) as well as unforeseeable changes that strike like lightning.