Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Perth
Norse (Viking): Pertho, Peorth
Old English: Peorth
Other Names/Spellings: Pairthra, Perb, Perthu, Peordh, Perthro, Perthrold, Pertra


English Letter Equivalent
P as in POT.

Literal translation is not certain. It is usually taken to be the name of a dice cup, or the name of a game of chance that employs such a cup.

Mystery, Chance. A Gamble. Pot Luck.

A Gamble. a mystery. An unknown  outcome. Mathematical odds. Make the best of your lot. Employ common sense and moderation to succeed.

Spiritually, Perth suggests the disclosure of a secret. It could also refer to pregnancy and birth. Perth is linked with the sensible and moderate enjoyment of sexuality. Because of the mystery surrounding it, common sense and prudence are called for in the interpretation of Perth.

Personal Interpretation
You always have a choice in everything. No-one can upset you, you can only choose to be upset. No-one can exert power over you unless you choose to subject yourself to it. Claim your right to choice. Don’t allow others to compromise your truth or prevent you from doing what you need to do. The only danger here is not to make a choice, to leave things to fate, and have no say in your own future.

Take no chances – failure is likely. What appears clear-cut hides a deeper meaning. You are tempted to be rash – but do not succumb.

A proposition has hidden depth. Take nothing for granted. Trust only your loved ones.

Runic Number




Associated gods

Astrological Correspondence

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