Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Laguz
Norse (Viking): Logr, Laukaz
Old English: Lagu
Other Names/Spellings: Laaz, Lagur, Lagus, Laukar, Laukr, Logur


English Letter Equivalent
L as in LET


Water, sea, ocean, river or lake. Cleansing. Tide.

Associations with water in all it’s forms. Cleansing action. Tidal movement – ebb and flow. Fortuitous omen for overseas travel, fishing or other aquatic activities.

Laguz means water, a vital part of life, but a constant danger, just as our journey through life encounters risks. Laguz contains elements of fluidity, changeability, and a lack of control. It represents the sensual madness of sexuality, the unconscious, intuitive, and psychic abilities. It’s deceptive elements come from its variety, rather than from any menace. Traditionally, Laguz is the ultimate female rune.

Personal Interpretation
Only by attunement to creation will your life truly flow as it is meant to. Emotional balance comes from harmony with creation around you. For example, natural foods lead to natural flow, whereas unnatural foods lead to disharmony and stagnation. The sea is always fluid and moving, so it should be with your life. Embrace change itself, for it is the only true constant in life.

Storm, flood, waves, corrosion or other destructive action of water. Danger of sinking or drowning.

Beware mariners or others associated with water who may be trying to trick you.

Runic Number

Dark green



Associated gods
Njord, Nerthus

Astrological Correspondence
The Moon

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