la runa gebo

Alternative Names
Anglo-Friesian/Germanic: Gebo
Norse (Viking): Gyfu
Old English: Gyfu
Other Names/Spellings: Gebu, Geuua, Geofu, Giba,
Gifu, Gipt, Giof, Gjof

Pronunciation: Ghay-bow

English Letter Equivalent
G as is good. Gh as in the CH of Scottish dialect as heard in loch, but softer.


 Love, partnership. Forgiveness, gift, talent, skill or ability.

Ask forgiveness and it will be given. A gift, present or windfall is foretold. Discovery or development of a skill or talent. Artistic or musical ability. Show compassion. Be not afraid to declare love. Good fortune in partnerships.

Gebo – rune number 7 – is the origin of our “lucky seven” superstition. It represents a gift, whether it is a present, an attribute, a certain skill or ability. To the ancients, a gift always called for another in return. so accepting a gift places you under an obligation to the giver – the gods, destiny, another person. Gebo can also mean a partnership or union, in business or in love. Or it can mean forgiveness – perhaps the greatest gift of all – to give or to receive. Gebo is commonly used as the sign of a kiss -the symbol of affection.

Personal Interpretation
A gift presents you with the choice of acceptance or rejection. If you accept you must be prepared to give in return. Everything has its price, but with spiritual gifts the cost is always worth it in the end.

You must find the balance between giving and receiving and learn to give responsibly. This means deciding when to give and who to give to as it is not appropriate to give to everyone indiscriminately.

Gebo has no reverse.

Personal animosity, particularly from partners. Hidden talents need uncovering. Think again about romance.

Runic Number: 7

Color:  Dark Blue

Element: Air

Polarity: Male & Female

Associated gods: Odin, Gefn

Astrological Correspondence: Pisces

gemma opale

tree elm

plant heartsease

Tarot Talk by Leila Vey
Gebo means “gift,” and refers to forgiveness, gifts, talent, abilities and partnerships. What greater gift is there in life than the connection we share with other beings?

The ability to love and be loved, give and receive, forgive and be forgiven – these are treasures which cannot be measured in any tangible way, and yet without them, we are lost.

Gebo’s association with The Lovers underlines the blessings others bring to our lives by their very existence. I have also seen Gebo associated with the Sun card, which also works for me.