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My name is John of Rupecisa, also known as the “King of Ireland.”
Master and reference point for learning Magic and esotericism,
for aspiring “Apprentice Sorcerers,” and Experienced Witches.

In this Free guide, I teach you all the “secrets” (taken from my books and trails) and what you need to know, about the phases of the moon for the new year

I also reveal to you several topics such as :

  • the list of full moons of 2023
  • the moon phases of each month
  • …and much, much more!

lunar calendar 2023

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From my lunar calendars!

lunar calendar 2023 product

Within my calendars you will find numerous insights on:

  • astrological sign of the moon phases
  • lunar eclipse calendar
  • The calendar of agricultural work, sowing and pruning
  • the esoteric and spiritual significance of lunations
  • … and much more!

Full Moon January 2023

Lunar Phases January 2023

Full Moon January – Wolf Moon

Friday, January 06, 2023

new moon

Sunday, January 21, 2023

Full Moon February 2023

moon phases February 2023

February Full Moon – Ice Moon

Sunday, January 5

new moon

Monday, January 20

Full Moon March 2023

moon phases march 2023

March Full Moon – Seed Moon.

March 7

new moon

March 21

Full Moon April 2023

moon phases april 2023

Full Moon April – Moon of Gems

April 6

new moon

April 20

Full Moon May 2023

moon phases May 2023

Full Moon May – Flower Moon

May 5

new moon

May 19

Full Moon June 2023

moon phases June 2023

June Full Moon – Honey Moon

June 4

new moon

June 18

Full Moon July 2023

moon phases July 2023

Full Moon – Harvest Moon

July 3

new moon

July 17

Full Moon August 2023

moon phases August 2023

Full Moon – Grain Moon

August 1

new moon

August 16

Full Moon – Blue Moon

August 31

Full Moon September 2023

moon phases September 2023

new moon

September 15

Full Moon – Harvest Moon

September 29

Full Moon October 2023

moon phases October 2023

new moon

Oct. 14

Full Moon – Moon of Leaves

October 28

Full Moon November 2023

moon phases November 2023

new moon

November 13

Full Moon – Snow Moon

November 27

Full Moon December 2023

moon phases December 2023

new moon

December 13

Full Moon – Cold Moon

December 27

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