Lunar Calendar 2023 – The Witches’ Almanac

[3 in 1]

“Grimoire – Calendar – Agenda 2023 – Biodynamic Agricultural Work Almanac,
With moon phase, astrological sign and customizable notes.”

Lunar Calendar 2023

"Grimoire - Calendar - Biodynamic Farm Work Almanac, with moon phases, astrological sign and customisable notes"


how important it is to you
Keeping track of the “cycles of the moon”
During your esoteric practice ?

if you are here, you have most likely noticed that it is extremely important to keep track of the lunar cycles during your spiritual practice, and knowing them in depth can allow you to get in close and direct contact with the rhythms of nature.

In addition, you have most likely always wondered about the best instrument for keeping track of lunar motions

In fact, many “Agendas,” or many apps available online or on your phone, are often limiting, space-constrained, and constrain you according to “traditional” calendaring.

You also often have no chance in these diaries to keep track of the moon’s motions or even worse, the most important astrological aspects…

the same kind of problem and annoyance that I myself have experienced many times, either when I needed a “Grimoire Agenda,” or a tool to keep track of garden work…

Then what about those diaries that get the phases of the moon wrong ?

for this very reason, I decided to create a new “Lunar Calendar” model, which would go to solve all the problems of the other diaries…

  • all the moon phases of each individual day, with its corresponding sign
    To know in detail the aspects of each individual lunation and the agricultural work to be done with it
  • To know the deep spiritual significance of each lunation
    With the true directions of the ancients, and not randomly invented information from some American new age blog
  • Have available the ephemerides of all the other planets
    to know exactly the movement of the other planets along with the moon as well
  • … and much, much more!
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Lunar Calendar 2023
[3 in 1]

  • Calendar of Biondynamic Agricultural Work according to Moon Phase.

    (also beekeeping!)
  • Month-by-month astrological ephemerides of all the planets!
  • Tables with customizable clipboard
  • Insights into the phases of the moon!
  • prime shipping
    (amazon guarantee and free delivery in a few days)
  • … and much more!
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the classic sad agenda
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  • Grimoire Agenda Customizable
  • “Large” format
  • With easily annotated moon phases and planets
  • sturdy and durable cover
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  • … and much more!
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