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...and why should you trust me ?
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Welcome to my website,

My name is Giovanni, also Know as “Giovanni da Rupecisa” in the world of Esotericism and Holistics.

I am the Most Payd Advisor in EU and Italian Holistic industry, with more than 10 years of Exp. and Thousands of Students trained in my class, as a Teacher, Instructor, “Healer” etc…

and now
I have decided to export my compentences and knowledge out of Europe by making it available worldwide!

But why
should I learn from you ?

you should know that I have always believed that a truly “holistic” or “your well-being” oriented approach was not limited only to the sphere of the physical or anatomical body.

But that it necessarily had to include an in-depth study of the “spiritual sphere.”

despite the fact that thousands of Blogs, books, articles, etc. are available online, with much sadness I see that everything related to this very important aspect of our lives, is always approached in a very cheesy and superficial way.

I am sure that even you who are reading this page most likely agree with what I just wrote.

However, what no one has the courage to tell you is why this happens.

 mainly for 3 reasons:

  • many people actually do not really believe in the spiritual dimension, but do so simply out of ego or fashion.
  • many “operators” try to force a spiritual vision, to try to sell you their products better, or increase the price
  • many people, on the other hand, are afraid to expose their ideas too much and fear being taken to court by pharmaceutical companies

for precisely these 3 reasons,
the Only Person who ultimately loses out
is You!

so I decided to create a project that was truly ” transversal” and alternative and not just in name.

Without Fanaticism, stupidity or lies.

With the one and only goal, to get you the best “risk-free” information:

that is:

  • without being an asshole
  • always telling you the truth even when this may be uncomfortable or unpleasant to hear
  • trying to be as precise and meticulous as possible

check out my books so you can discover more!

what can
I learn from you ?

if you are looking for the truest and most reliable information on spirituality, esotericism
(which in America many confuse with witchcraft or magic)
holism or wellness you are in the right place.

(you will also find the best information on different forms of magic and witchcraft)

check out my books so you can discover more!

I want to warn you  that you will not find new-age material or vikings-like things, tricks or methods of making money to gamble money here.

I am against this kind of thing, and you will never find anything on this site that incentivizes or promotes these kinds of life choices.

Why should I believe the information
on this site ?

You don’t have to “believe” any kind of information you find in books or on websites.

What you have to do is to decide, whether the information, but especially the results that are shown to you are in line with the goals that only you have chosen for yourself!

for this reason I want to be the only one to reveal, and share to you 3 of my personal aims,So that I can involve you in what I do and what I believe in :

  1. I want to spread the Templum Dianae project worldwide, I want more people to read my articles, my books, participate in my courses and benefit the most!
  2. I want to feel appreciated for my work, for what I write, and for my ideas. I want to feel gratified and fulfilled in my job.
  3. I want to enrich myself in an honest way through my work and skills, valuing the people around me who need my services .

check out my books so you can discover more!

About Me
in a Nutshell

  • The Most Paid EU Holistic Advisor
  • Master in Esoteric Stuff
  • trainer for both those who want to start learning about spirituality and those who want to become holistic practitioners
  • Book and Articles translated over 5 languages, sell over 3 Continents
  • Experience in starting and running and managing holistic centers, sports (retail and online)
  • More than 10 Years of experience in my work
  • 2 graduations (In manual medicine and exercise science) + Insights into biology, physiology and psychology
  • check out my books so you can discover more!
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