Alternative Names
Anglo-Freisian/Germanic: Algiz
Norse (Viking): Yr
Old English: Eolh
Other names/spellings: Elhaz, Algir, Algis, Algs, Elgr


English Letter Equivalent
Z as in ZONE. S as in cousin. May also have been the rolling RRR heard in Scottish dialect.

Possibly Pine woods, or more likely Sedge Reeds.

Opportunity for growth. Rapid development. Protection. Safe refuge.

Algiz illustrates both the antlers of the elk, and the shape of the sedge-grass herb. To some it suggests the spread fingers of a hand raised in a protective gesture. It is a powerful rune of protection and, spiritually, it symbolizes reaching up to the divine.

Algiz also represents success through endeavour in a search, quest, or other enterprise. Like the fast-growing pine tree, schemes will develop quickly. Like sharp sedge, you are protected from attack. Alertness and awareness will be your guide. Wisdom, vision and clarity of mind will aid your cause.

Personal Interpretation
Although the path ahead is fraught with danger, you need have no fear, for you have the power of protection within you. You will be safe as long as you are not reckless. Algiz indicates a favourable time for risky ventures, although all things must be built on firm foundations. Do not become complacent.

Slow growth or decline. You may be unprotected, open to attack. Beware being pig-headed or short-sighted.

Growth or development opportunities are disguised. Insurance may not be as effective as you believe.

Runic Number




Associated gods

Astrological Correspondence

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