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The cold Moon in Paganism:

Half moon winter

What is usually called cold Moon in neo-paganism refers to the old Anglo-Saxon Ærra Geola‘s lunation/month (after yule before yule) or Hailag mānod (holy month) named so after the first contacts between Christians and pagans.
The original name in ancient Germanic lunation was wintermaand (snow month), midwintermaand (half-month winter) or even in some cases sneeuwmaand (snow month), wolfsmaand (month of the wolves), donkere maand (month).
The Festival was modraniht in full during the period of Christianization and yule pagan times.
in fact, the month/lunation is sterile and frosty climate, often characterized by hunting of wolves on the stiffness of the snow, in the dead of winter. However the Anglo-Saxon period month indicates an anxiety of waiting for the old modraniht party or the latest yule.

cold Moon in neo-paganism

Neopagan Wiccan tradition celebrates the tradition in this moon winter rigour, obviously inspired by the names of lunations de: farmer‘s almanac, however in this case the interpretation of the Almanac is from folklore Redskin appointing the moon as the full moon of long nights.


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